Best Metal Detector Under $500

Best Metal Detector Under 500

While there are many different types of metal detectors, they all have specific uses that make them great for certain things but not as beneficial for others.

When it comes to metal detecting, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality detector. There are several options available for under $500 that offer a range of features and capabilities.

One option to consider is the Minelab X-Terra 305. Another worthy mention is the Tesoro Compadre. These detectors are excellent options for those on a larger budget and offer several features that make them well-suited for various metal detecting applications. The high-resolution discrimination feature allows you to identify and ignore junk metal. The Minelab X-Terra 305 also offers the ability to search in different modes, a ground balance feature, and a waterproof coil for shallow water detection.

Ultimately, the best metal detector under $500 will depend on your specific needs and preferences. But both the Minelab X-Terra 305 and the Tesoro Compadre are excellent options that offer a range of features and capabilities, all within a budget-friendly price range. They are both designed to be easy to use, have features that can help you find valuable targets while ignoring junk, and are reliable and sturdy.

Best Metal Detectors Under $500

If you want to find something valuable without spending too much time digging in the dirt, you might consider getting yourself a metal detector. But which model should you buy? There are so many options today that choosing between them could prove difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve researched the top eight metal detectors under $500 based on their design, quality, and overall performance.

Garrett AT Pro

The price point is the first thing that stands out when looking at this metal detector. At just over $400, this unit is certainly not cheap. However, it’s pretty reasonable considering the features you’ll get with this machine. In addition to having a pretty impressive array of settings and modes, this device also comes equipped with a built-in LCD screen and a speaker system making it easier than ever to listen to audio cues while using the device.

If you’re interested in finding lost valuables, look no further than the Garrett AT Pro. One of the main selling points of this machine is the fact that it’s able to detect both ferrous (non-magnetic) metals and non-ferrous (magnetic) metals. This allows users to target everything from coins to jewelry to scrap metal to uncover hidden treasure.

Ace Detectors

Garrett Ace Detectors is another name-brand manufacturer offering several different metal detectors ranging in price from less than $200 to nearly $800. It’s made specifically for professional hunters who spend hours searching through fields and forests for valuable minerals and artifacts.

Their flagship products offer high sensitivity and accuracy along with GPS tracking capabilities. Although this model doesn’t come cheap, it provides excellent value compared to other manufacturers’ products.

Minelab Excalibur II

Minelab makes some of the highest-performing metal detectors on the market. They’re known for producing reliable machines that perform exceptionally well in the field. One such example is the Minelab Excalibur II which boasts an impressive depth rating of 3 feet.

What sets this model apart from the rest is that it operates on a wide frequency range, effectively allowing it to pick up signals from deep within the ground. Excalibur II may be perfect for those who enjoy hunting for buried treasure.

Teknetics T2

Another good option from Minelab is the Teknetics T2, a smaller version of their more extensive X-Tek series. As far as functionality goes, though, these two devices are comparable, although the T2 is slightly less powerful. With a depth rating of only 1 foot 8 inches, this model isn’t designed to go after buried treasures but to help hobbyists locate small objects on the ground’s surface.

A nice bonus feature is an ability to search for items underground using an optional probe. This solid little guy performs well enough to satisfy casual metal detector users.

Minelab Equinox

Suppose you’re looking for a portable metal detector. In that case, this handheld device is powered by lithium batteries giving it a long battery life, making it perfect for outdoor activities where frequent recharging would be inconvenient.

It’s also capable of detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plus it comes equipped with a waterproof case and a headphone jack for listening to audio cues while using the device. Although it lacks some advanced features typically associated with higher-end units, the Equinox is still a decent option for anyone wanting to test the waters of metal detecting.

Minelab GO-FIND

This excellent metal detector from Minelab is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level users. It’s also extremely lightweight, meaning you can easily carry it anywhere. Because of its lightweight, it’s also reasonably quiet during operation, eliminating unwanted noise distractions.

Although this model cannot pinpoint the exact locations of targets below the surface, it does include a special “target ID” mode which helps differentiate between junk metal and valuable metals. Overall, this is a solid little guy that’s sure to please novice and experienced metal detector enthusiasts alike.

Treasure Hunter Pro

Treasure Hunter is another reputable company that produces various metal detectors, including the Treasure Hunter Pro. This model is the ultimate portability thanks to its ultra-thin profile and low weight. It includes several advanced features, including a built-in laser pointer, LED flashlight, and adjustable volume control. These features combined give it a lot of versatility, making it highly suitable for hunting down lost jewels and precious metals.

One drawback, however, is the lack of a depth indicator which means it’s impossible to tell how deeply targets lie beneath the surface. Still, for those who like to keep their treasures close to home, the Treasure Hunter Pro is a great option.

Treasure Hunter III

Like the previous model, the Treasure Hunter III is another entry-level metal detector from Treasure Hunter that’s perfect for beginners. It’s lightweight construction, and compact design allows it to be carried everywhere. It also has a built-in laser pointer, LED flashlight, and adjustable volume control.

Unfortunately, unlike the Treasure Hunter Pro, the Treasure Hunter III doesn’t have a depth meter, nor does it come with a probe attachment.

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