White’s Goldmaster GMX Sport Gold Detector

Whites Goldmaster GMX Sport Gold Detector

The White’s Goldmaster GMX Sport gold detector is what you have been looking for in a high-tech, waterproof metal detector.

The White’s Goldmaster GMX Sport Gold Detector is a specialized metal detector designed to detect gold. It is equipped with advanced features specifically tuned to detect gold, including a high-frequency search coil and a ground balance feature that helps eliminate false signals from the ground.

The GMX Sport is suitable for use in various terrains, including land and water, and is equipped with a waterproof search coil, making it suitable for use in shallow water. It also has a digital target ID feature that allows the user to identify the type of metal being detected and a depth indicator that shows the depth at which the metal object is buried.

Overall, the White’s Goldmaster GMX Sport Gold Detector is a high-performance metal detector specifically designed to detect gold and suitable for use in various terrains.

This gold prospecting metal detector is IP-68-rated, submersible up to 10 feet, and comes in at just 3 pounds, 12 ounces. White’s does not expect to ship the Goldmaster GMX Sport Gold until February 2020. Sales have started, so if you want to be one of the first to use this fine piece of metal-detecting goodness, get your orders in now.

You can take your gold prospecting to new depths with White’s XGB ground balance system. The GMX Sport brings a brand-new generation of VLF discovery innovation with attributes that any detectorist, newbie, or veteran, will undoubtedly enjoy.

Spud Diggers – Sneak peek at the New White’s GMX

White’s GMX Sport Gold Details

Beginning with the industry-standard 48kHz operating frequency, White’s packed all the goodness into one waterproof package to help you discover gold. A large, backlit display screen shows you all the device’s configurations and beneficial target details. The Target Graph at the top of the screen shows Ferrous, Gold, and High Conductor varieties mirrored with Target ID numbers ranging from 0-99.

Unlike other VLF prospecting devices, the all-new XGB ground balance system deals with the mineralized ground. TracLock and Ground Grab are simply a tap of a button away for more advanced individuals. You can also designate a ground balance offset in TracLock and XGB settings.

Plus, to assist prospectors that prefer dry washing, sluicing, or panning, the GMX Sport includes a Ground Scan mode that can reveal where important paystreaks remain in streambeds and washes.

With ten levels of adjustable sensitivity, flexible audio volume with two levels of Boost, flexible discrimination, vSAT, flexible threshold, non-motion pinpoint, and a Tone ID mode, the GMX Sport may be one of the most sophisticated VLF gold nugget detectors on the market.

But do not let that scare you if this is your first prospecting detector — this is a turn-on-and-go gold detector with innovative functions you can turn into without sacrificing efficiency.

GMX Sport Gold Product Description

  • Includes 2-Year Warranty
  • Limited Time Offer: Free 4 x 6 DD Search Coil with purchase
Hot DealNo
Manufacturer SKU800-0353-X
Product TypeMetal Detectors
WarrantyYes – 2 Year
Detector TypeGold
Interchangeable Search CoilYes
TechnologyVLF Multiple Frequency
Arm RestAdjustable
Arm Rest StrapYes
Adjustable ShaftYes
Audio TonesYes
Depth IndicationNo
Number of Frequencies1
Programmable Target IdNo
Target IdYes
Pinpoint ModeYes
Ground BalanceAutomatic Ground Tracking
Vibration ModeNo
Search Mode TypesTone ID Mode
Search FlashlightNo
Display TypeLCD
Backlit DisplayYes
Volume ControlYes
Bluetooth CompatibleNo
Interchangeable HeadphonesNo
Battery TypeAA
Battery Quantity8
Battery Life (hr)40 hours
Rechargeable SystemNo

I have not yet tried the new White’s GMX Gold Metal Detector, but our Spud Digger Rob Johnson has. He made two ‘sneak peek’ videos to see the new GMX Sport in action. The video above shows where he travels to California to meet with friends to test it out. Enjoy.

Spud Diggers – We took the new White’s GMX Gold metal detector Underwater.

Here is what White’s has to say about their new detector:

“White’s Electronics, Inc.’s Goldmaster® platform has served electronic prospectors well over the last 20-plus years, resulting in income for professional miners and diversion for hobbyists. With modern advances in DSP, improved ergonomics, and performance increases, the GMX SPORT represents the next generation of high-frequency induction-balance waterproof gold nugget detectors. When our engineers set out to build the GMX, the goal was simple: Improve the user’s chance to find gold by combining the electronics of the GM 24K with the waterproof, rugged design of the MX SPORT.”

Good luck and happy hunting,

White’s Electronics

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