Unlock The Power Of Geocaching: Become A Reviewer

Unlock The Power Of Geocaching Become A Reviewer

Geocaching is more than just a hobby; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploring the world and uncovering hidden treasures.

For many geocachers, the next step in their journey is to become a reviewer. This highly coveted position involves being an integral part of the game, ensuring new caches follow guidelines, and helping players with questions.

However, the rigorous selection process requires a high level of experience, a positive reputation, strong communication skills, and a good understanding of caching guidelines.

Becoming a geocaching reviewer is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are up for the challenge, it offers a unique opportunity to unlock the power of geocaching.

As a reviewer, you will significantly impact the game, ensuring that new caches are exciting, challenging, and safe for players to explore. You will also play a vital role in the geocaching community, helping players navigate the game and providing valuable feedback to improve the overall experience.

If you’re ready to take your passion for geocaching to the next level and become a reviewer, read on to learn more about the selection process, responsibilities, and role in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Becoming a geocaching reviewer is a sought-after position in the community, and reviewers ensure new caches follow guidelines and help players with questions.
  • Reviewers are volunteers selected by Groundspeak based on their experience, reputation, and strong communication skills, and they have added responsibilities and constant communication with players.
  • Reviewers are integral to the game, approving and publishing geocaches, answering questions, and maintaining social media pages. They are knowledgeable of the rules and active in the community.
  • Pros of becoming a reviewer include participating in the game from a new perspective and gaining a small amount of power and influence over other players. In contrast, cons include new responsibilities and constant communication from others.

Selection Process

To become a geocaching reviewer, potential candidates must go through a rigorous screening process that looks for a high level of geocaching experience, positive reputation within the community, strong communication skills, and good understanding of caching guidelines, as Groundspeak aims to select only the cream of the crop to fill this coveted and exclusive position.

The screening criteria are stringent, and only those meeting high standards are invited to become reviewers. The process involves an in-depth evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications, including their geocaching experience, reputation within the community, and communication skills. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate a solid understanding of the caching guidelines and be able to apply them in practice.

Volunteer benefits are an inherent part of becoming a geocaching reviewer. Reviewers receive a unique opportunity to participate in the game from a new perspective, gaining a small amount of power and influence over other players. They are also allowed to be a part of an exclusive club, chosen by Groundspeak for their suitability for the position.

However, becoming a reviewer also entails new responsibilities and constant communication with players, which may be a drawback for some. Nonetheless, reviewers are an integral part of the game, and their contributions help keep it running smoothly.


Reviewers are responsible for approving and publishing geocaches, rectifying any issues related to caches, and providing helpful answers to player inquiries.

Managing caches is a crucial part of a reviewer’s job, as they are responsible for ensuring that caches meet the guidelines set by Groundspeak. This involves examining cache descriptions, checking coordinates, and verifying that caches are hidden appropriately. If a cache does not meet these standards, reviewers will work with cache owners to correct the issues and ensure the cache is ready for publication.

Communication with players is another key aspect of a reviewer’s responsibilities. Reviewers must be available to answer player inquiries and provide guidance when needed. This may involve responding to emails, participating in forums, or maintaining social media pages. Reviewers must also be able to communicate effectively with cache owners, providing feedback and suggestions for improvement as needed.

Overall, the role of a reviewer is to facilitate a positive experience for all players and ensure that the game runs smoothly.

Role in the Game

Facilitating the game’s flow, reviewers function as a filter and facilitator for players and caches, finding a balance between the two for a fair and fun experience. Reviewers play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of geocaches and ensuring that they adhere to the guidelines set forth by Groundspeak.

As such, reviewer qualifications are of utmost importance. Candidates are selected based on their experience, communication skills, and positive reputation within the geocaching community. Reviewers are expected to be knowledgeable about the rules and regulations of the game and to be active in the community with a significant number of finds under their belt.

Furthermore, reviewers have a significant impact on the geocaching community. They are considered to be ‘hands on’ in the field, organizing and participating in events and activities that help to bring players together. Reviewers are also responsible for answering questions submitted by players, participating in forums, and sometimes even maintaining social media pages related to geocaching.

In this way, reviewers are an essential link between the players and the game, ensuring the geocaching experience is enjoyable and fair for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications or experience do you need to become a geocaching reviewer?

Qualifications for becoming a Geocaching Reviewer include a high level of geocaching experience, a positive reputation within the community, strong communication skills, and a good understanding of caching guidelines. Reviewer training and selection process are strict and conducted by Groundspeak.

How many geocaches does a reviewer typically review in a day or week?

A geocaching reviewer is review workload depends on the number of caches in their assigned area. The review process efficiency is determined by the reviewer’s experience, understanding of caching guidelines, and communication skills. Exact numbers of caches reviewed per day or week are not available.

Can reviewers reject a cache even if it meets all the guidelines?

A reviewer’s decision to reject a cache, even if it meets all guidelines, is possible due to various potential reasons such as safety concerns, environmental impact, or cultural sensitivity. Such decisions are made objectively and based on established criteria.

How do reviewers handle disputes or conflicts between players?

Reviewers handle disputes and conflicts between players by gathering information and objectively assessing the situation. They then communicate with the involved parties to find a resolution that aligns with geocaching guidelines and community standards. Conflict resolution is a crucial aspect of their role.

Is there a limit to how many geocaches a reviewer can publish in a certain area?

Regional reviewer distribution is in place to prevent geocaching saturation in a certain area. Thus, there is a limit to how many geocaches a reviewer can publish in a certain area. Groundspeak determines the exact limit.

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