Discover The Best Metal Detecting Apps For Android And Ios

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Metal detecting is a popular hobby that has been enjoyed for decades. With advancements in technology, metal detecting enthusiasts now have access to various apps that can enhance their hobby. These apps offer coin identification, GPS mapping, and even making your phone a mini metal detector.

This article will introduce you to the 12 best metal detecting apps for Android and iOS. We will cover a range of categories, from apps that use artificial intelligence to identify coins to those that allow you to map out your finds.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced metal detector, these apps offer various features that will take your metal detecting game to the next level. So, let us delve into the world of metal detecting apps and discover how they can help you uncover hidden treasures.

Key Takeaways

  • Metal detecting apps fall into two categories: those that provide additional value and those that turn the phone into a mini metal detector.
  • These apps can detect various types of metals, including gold and silver, and track GPS location and synchronize data to a website.
  • Smart phones can be a useful tool for metal detecting, particularly in identifying finds like coins.
  • The possibilities for metal detecting apps are endless, including creating maps and reports, detecting hidden electrical wires, and finding small items like keys.

Categories of Apps

The pre-existing knowledge highlights two categories of metal detecting mobile apps: those offering additional value and those transforming a mobile phone into a mini metal detector, indicating the diversity of apps available for metal detecting enthusiasts.

The first category of apps provides benefits such as identifying coins using artificial intelligence, detecting underground power lines, exploring soil properties, and collecting field data. These apps are designed to enhance the metal detecting experience by providing additional information and tools to help identify and track finds.

The second category of apps turns a mobile phone into a metal detector using the magnetic field sensor. While these apps may not have the same level of detecting capabilities as a dedicated metal detector, they can still be useful for hobbyists who want a convenient and cost-effective solution for metal detecting. Some apps offer features such as GPS tracking and on-site photo documentation, making them a versatile tool for metal detecting enthusiasts.

Notable Metal Detecting Apps

Two categories of mobile apps exist for metal detecting, with some offering additional value and others transforming the phone into a mini metal detector.

One notable app that provides additional value is Coinoscope, which can identify different types of coins using artificial intelligence techniques. This Android-only app offers a convenient way to identify coins without the need for additional equipment or knowledge.

On the other hand, some apps like Smart Compass Pro can transform the phone into a mini metal detector, but their detecting capabilities are not that good. It is important to identify the app’s purpose before downloading it, as some may not offer the desired level of detecting capabilities.

Overall, it is essential to carefully evaluate each app’s features before choosing one suitable for individual needs.

Other Features and Uses

Various applications related to detecting metallic objects using mobile phones can provide additional benefits and features besides their detecting capabilities. For instance, many metal detecting apps allow users to share their finds with other enthusiasts, creating a community of individuals who share the same passion.

Additionally, some apps have key finding capabilities, which can be useful for those who frequently misplace their keys or other small items. These features make metal detecting apps versatile tools that can be used for various purposes beyond just detecting metallic objects.

Furthermore, some metal detecting apps can create maps and reports that can be downloaded to other documents or spreadsheets, providing a comprehensive record of the areas that have been scanned and the objects that have been found. Additionally, some apps can detect hidden electrical wires, making them useful for construction workers and engineers.

All of these additional features make metal detecting apps valuable tools for various professionals and hobbyists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal considerations and cultural sensitivity vary widely between countries for metal detecting. It is important to research and adhere to local laws and regulations, obtain necessary permits, and respect cultural heritage sites. Responsible metal detecting practices can help preserve history and avoid legal issues.

How can metal detecting apps be used in professional archaeology?

Metal detecting apps can be useful in professional archaeology for site mapping and identifying metallic finds. They provide a quick and convenient method for recording data and can be shared with other professionals. However, their accuracy and reliability in detecting artifacts may vary and should be cross-checked with traditional methods.

Are there any apps that can detect non-metallic objects like fossils or artifacts made from organic materials?

Like a metal detector scanning for treasure, current technology has limitations regarding organic detection capabilities. Accuracy of non-metallic object identification is contingent on the app’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to differentiate between organic and inorganic materials.

Can metal detecting apps be used underwater or in extreme weather conditions?

Metal detecting apps may not work underwater due to limited signal range and interference from water. In extreme weather conditions, apps may be affected by electronic interference and reduced battery life. Waterproof metal detectors are recommended for underwater or wet weather use.

What are the most common mistakes beginners make in metal detecting and how can they be avoided?

Common mistakes beginners make in metal detecting include inadequate research, improper use of equipment, ignoring the learning curve, and overlooking techniques. Avoidance tips include thorough research, proper equipment use, patience, and practice of techniques to improve skills.

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